Beta Version : First Gujarati Crossword Puzzle !

Arnion Is Launching The Beta Version Of The First Gujarati Crossword Puzzle !

Arnion’s technical team has completed the technological work on the Online Gujarati Crossword. India’s Gujarati Crossword is brought to you by, Gujaratilexicon – The Most Comprehensive Online Gujarati Language Resources.

Arnion is the technological and operational partner of Gujaratilexicon. We received numerous feedback from Gujarati lovers to create an interface which can enable them to play Gujarati Crossword in Gujarati Only. Crossword is a daily addiction with many word-lovers and they wanted it now on Gujaratilexicon. Also, quite a crosswords games were available online but they were in English only and not very interactive. Few Gujarati Crosswords are available online but they are Gujarati to English games. Questions are in Gujarati and user need to write answers in English.

No Pure Online Gujarati Crossword Puzzle was available in the market which can enable users to Read, Think & Write in Gujarati Only. Hence we took up the challenge and started working on it. We are targeting to Launch The Pioneering Gujarati Crossword on 15 August 2010.

Technologies Used :
- JavaScript

Challenges :
- Data Structure Design
- Data Manipulation
- Cross Browser Compatibility

Demo Link :

We invite you to check the demo version and share your feedback. We would love your inputs. Currently we are also facing a small issue with IE. Let us know your views on its as well.

Cheers !

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