Google Friend Connect

google_friend_connect1Google Friend Connect is an online service by Google that allows users on the internet to connect with their friends on different websites.

Google Friend Connect is an OpenSocial application offered by Google that started in May 2008. Google Friend Connect main focus is to simplify the connection between social and non-social websites and standardize the handling and presentation of social applications and content. It uses a blend of open standards, such as OpenID for signin, oAuth to control data, and OpenSocial for applications.

Google Friend Connect is free but requires approval of the website using it. It requires no knowledge of web programming and enables any website to offer social applications and content from Hi5, Orkut, Plaxo, MySpace, Google Talk, Netlog and other social networks.

In May 2009, Google introduced a new feature called “Comment Translation” in Friend Connect. With this feature, comments left in any native language except English can be easily translated to English.[2]

Examples of use are:

1. E-commerce site: allow users to check whether friends purchased or reviewed the product they are interested in on the product web page.
2. News sites: allow users to insert comments and opinions with their real profile.
3. Organization Sites: increase marketing and communication within members of the organization.
4. Blogs and Personal Websites: increase communication within author friends.

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