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Samsung Galaxy Round

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The world without technology and technology without great innovation both are worthless. Every minute of human life is becoming smoother and faster with technologies. South Korean company Samsung leading with new innovation nowadays. Samsung recently launched the great innovation as world’s first ever Smartphone with curved display. With this innovation, Samsung makes competition alive with [...]


Few Useful sites to subscribe

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Here I am listing few of the very useful information/resource providing sites that keeps you awake about the things in current trends to buisness,social media, market, entrepreneurship , design , technology. Please add your comment if I missed any important site.


What is Google Chrome OS?

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Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system.


Starting This Blog – Actualize Vision

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Welcome to the Arnion Blog – Actualize Vision Idea of starting blog is to share knowledge about Arnion developments, Products and Challenges faced. Arnion believes in Open Technology and open code. Arnion team belives in “Imagination is more important than intelligence !” Hope you would love to here about Arnion !