Arnion Team Wins Hackathon – AppFest 2013 at IIM, Ahmedabad

Arnion Team awarded as a 1st Runner Up in Hackathon – AppFest 2013 held at IIM, Ahmedabad during 27, 28 July, 2013.

Arnion Team Coverage in Time of india

Arnion Team Coverage in Time of India

Team Members:
1. Hitesh Chavda, Developer
2. Keyur Brahmbhatt, Developer
3. Deval Talati, Team Guide

Application: Pop-Up Dictionary
Pop-Up Dictionary is an offline application. It will assist Users to find English to Gujarati and Gujarati to English meanings on the Go. It will come up as a handy Language Tool for users.

Technical Features:
Easy To Use Application:
- Offline Application
- Find meaning of any editable word in device.
- Copy word & get the meaning in pop-up box, i.e WhatsApp, Messages, Messengers, Web etc.
- Also get the word meaning from in built application search box.

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