FireFox Operating System for Mobiles, PCs & Tablets

Now Mobile market is becoming famous for its brand as well as for mobile operating systems. In current market most of the phone manufacturers are adopting other operating system instead of their native operating system. Example, Samsung adopts Android OS, Nokia adopt Windows Phone OS. Day by day new operating systems are being introduced in Mobile Industry.

Have you heard about Mozilla FireFox OS !


Yes, Mozilla Corporation – famous Web Browser Company has launched its own operation system for Mobiles, PCs & Tablets. Mozilla announced 18 carriers supporting Firefox OS. Major players are considering Mozilla initiative as an opportunity to deliver an innovative mobile Web experience to their customers. Majority of operators are now backing Mozilla’s Firefox OS as it demonstrates significant industry support for a fully-adaptable, unconstrained mobile platform.

Mozilla has started own FireFox Marketplace. All applications are designed & developed in the HTML5 to communicate directly with the devices’ hardware using JavaScript and open web technologies.

Firefox OS is compatible with devices including: Otoro, PandaBoard, Emulator (ARM and x86), Desktop, Nexus S, Nexus S 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II, and Galaxy Nexus.

There are more than 1000 applications added into FireFox Marketplace which is added in to different category. Famous applications like Twitter, SoundCloud, AccuWeather,, MTV App, Pluse & Airnab will support Firefox OS as well. FireFox has also developed exclusive web browser for Android. Sony and other players are all set to launch FireFox OS based Mobile Phones, Tablets & PCs in Market from 2014.

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