New Features of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Good news for Android lovers. One of the most favourite mobile operating system Android will have a new update in current version. This version improves your phone performance and battery performance. Google has made many significant changes but make sure we never bored with this.


There are some new features in this updated version. Let’s take an overview of those features :

:: Dialer Auto-Complete
In Android 4.3 version now phone dialer will search contact name & number while user type number on phone dialer.

:: New Camera App
User can experience new camera features like take a picture with volume control key, new arch menu, new shot animations, countdown timer and faster autofocus.

:: New Improved Photo Editor
A photo editor in Android 4.3 includes improved photo quality, more frames, new filters and new user interface.

:: Notification Settings
User can see new notification history and now it can be found from settings.

:: New Wi-Fi settings
Android 4.3 version always scan Wi-Fi for Google’s location service and other location base application. This settings keep the scanning on when Wi-Fi is switch off.

:: New Emoji
Now text messaging will be more interested with new emoji. Android 4.3 has new sets of emoji similar to iOS.

:: Other Features
Android 4.3 comes with updated graphic renderer that optimizes draw commands and supports, dual core and quad core CPUs, so application will run faster than previous version.
Android 4.3 supports Bluetooth Low energy – brand as “Bluetooth Smart” like Apple. Bluetooth Smart easily communicates with Bluetooth enable smart watch, fitness tracker, health monitors, treadmills & other sensors.

Android 4.3 dump was leaked for Nexus 4 phone, this update will be official in this month.

As per Samsung R&D India, they are simultaneously developing Jelly Bean 4.2.2 & 4.3 updates.


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