Zoostr – The Secret to Being a Successful Small Business !

Zoostr established with the mission to help small business owners in India grow their business by reducing admin tasks down to the minimum.

As a business owner, we don’t need complicated finance software, and separate marketing software and separate CRM software. It’s too much, they are too complex and we don’t have the time to learn them.

Team has crafted Zoostr to be extremely easy to use. No learning curve. Simply fill out a few details when you first open an account and then you are good to go. They provide tools for invoicing, quotations, purchase orders, bulk SMS sending, payment tracking, meeting scheduling, customer notes etc.


Zoostr allows anytime anywhere access on PC, tablet or smartphone giving the small business owner the ability to carry out admin tasks on the move; for example creating a price quotation or recording meeting notes on the way back to the office after meeting or checking who has outstanding invoices and calling the clients direct from inside the software.

With Zoostr it truly means you can carry your business with you in your pocket. You can connect to the office whenever you want. Mostly, time spent on the road is wasted time. Zoostr allows you to use this time to get admin tasks done. If you are coming back from a meeting with a potential customer, then create a price quotation on the go or record meeting notes, or look at who owes you money and call them direct from your phone or schedule the next meeting. Reach the people and information you need—anywhere, anytime.

A lot of people agree with us. Two months after the launch they had more than 15,000 small business owners using Zoostr and working towards making their business more efficient. They have understood the secret that as the manager of their business they are a key resource, one that is better used for growing the business and not on admin tasks. Zoostr is helping them to manage their resource smarter which is the key to success in a micro business environment.

They are out to shake up the small business software market. They are providing great software free of charge and will be offering valuable premium features in the future at a reasonable low monthly or yearly cost. “Our mission at Zoostr is to always strive to help our users be more effective and more successful and we have some big plans for future features to do just that” – Team Zoostr.

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