How To Attract Prospects !

The real problem in business world or prospecting is that our contacts do not know us as a company. Even if they have a need, they do not know we are there and they really should be talking to us. They are sitting back ignoring what should be fixed, or turning to Internet searches and their network to look for solutions. Just by following below mentioned steps, we can stay in our prospects mind :

Stay On Top–Of–Mind
To be in our prospect’s consideration set, we have to maintain the frequency of our brand communication and build awareness. We should send promotional messages, e-newsletters, alerts and much more at a faster rate.

Communicate With Audience Via Online & Offline Mediums
Ideally, we should not wait to make our prospects come to us on their own; instead, we have to pull them through many online and offline mediums such as corporate website, blogs, online marketing, email marketing, articles, press releases, direct marketing, event participation and more.

Arm Sales Team With More Ways To Convince The Prospects Clients
First create case studies, whitepapers, service/product brochures, process demos, presentations etc.. and update / personalized it as per the client or industry vertical requirement.

Exhibit Knowledge
The only way to build credibility in the online world is to demonstrate knowledge into the areas of expertise. This could be done through industry reports, surveys, whitepapers and case studies. The irony is that the subject matter experts have the hold of the programming language, but not English language. To make these documents professional you need seasoned writers or proofreaders.

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